Fireside Letters


dear mamma wer are you papa says you gone but i no you wont go widout me i miss you it very cold here wy we are not at home but mamma in evning dere is fire very big fire very warm and nice it evning now and i by fire and i now feel warm and nice wen you coming to us wer we going mamma-

Dear mamma, papa must have been saying the truth when he said you’ve gone. But I still don’t know why. Did I do something bad? Why do you not want to see me now? There is a big fire, I saw you beside a big fire, but after that I don’t know where you went. Did you run away from me? Our new house is very nice, mamma. We have a fireplace also. Papa calls it ‘Aarti place’ because I am always here only. I miss-


Dear mamma,

We learnt letter-writing in school today. I am now in the tenth standard. I know why you didn’t come back. I am sad, but I will deal with my grief in time. I hope you are happy, wherever you are. I’m in my fireside armchair. Can you see me? I can almost see you opposite me. They say memories fade, but mine are still crystal clear. I love you very-


Dear Mamma,

My baby girl looks just like you. She’s wonderful and beautiful, and Papa loves her very much. She is called Disha, after you. You would like my husband, Aarav. He’s just like Umesh kaka. You remember Umesh kaka, back home? Just like him. I love him very much.

I’m your age, mamma, and I have a child, and one more on the way. I understand the peaceful expression on your face now. I have it too, Papa says. He misses you very much. So do I.

I am sitting beside the fire as I write this, and my baby girl is sleeping in her daddy’s arms opposite me. I love you very much, Mamma.

Your baby girl,



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