Pubic Hair Girl


It was a nickname of mine in high school. Not one that was used to my face, of course. Maybe if it had, I’d have felt better about it.

I love my curls. It took me nearly ten years- not until I saw Kangana Ranaut on a newspaper cover and how she was lauded as ‘beautiful’, same as beautiful Aishwarya Rai- but I do.

The bastard had a nickname for you- he used to call you something.
Pubic hair girl.

Don’t be his friend, people had told me. He’s really weird. Naïve little girl, you should have listened. But you always thought you could fix things, even fix people.

I got angry because he was calling you a really bad nickname.
Whoa, wait, you and the rest of the guys know about it?
Yeah. The seniors told us.
What the actual fu-

How many laughs and snide looks had I received from people who knew nothing about me but the supposed texture of my hair?

And how had it been told to my class boys; like a boys’ hostel joke, tossed out in the middle of a conversation as the seniors snickered and my classmates looked confused until someone enlightened them?

And why did they never tell me-

Because they used it, of course. How often had they talked about it, laughed about it? Called me by that name, a boys’ hostel open secret?

So… you know that nickname, right? Was it- was it used like, a lot?
Um… from what I can remember, it was used quite a bit, actually, Malu.

Did it cross their mind every time they saw me in class, every time I raised my hand to speak? Did they think: pubic hair girl wants to say something.

It’s not news to me, you know. I’ve known about it for a year, so don’t think you can use that shit against me. I don’t give a fuck.

I found out in my tenth grade, after it had been bandied about for about a year and a half among the seniors- of course, it got to the girls too, and one of my classmates, sharing a room with an older girl, told a friend of mine, who told me.

It came up a year later, after an argument between two guys, both friends of mine. They hadn’t known that I knew, that I’d known for a while, and though I rolled my eyes and scoffed at them, I burned inside.

Because, as I had always imagined, it was tossed into the argument like it was nothing.He threw it out, it wasn’t a big deal, and to him, it really wasn’t.

I should have slapped him, I realise. Should have slapped him and torn his hair and cried- but show no weakness, I thought at that time, and I laughed about it with him for the rest of high school.

I shouldn’t have laughed about it, no?
No, you really shouldn’t have.

People say, laugh at yourself, and no one can laugh at you. But I laughed at myself, laughed about the nickname, and I felt sick every time, and for a long time after. I feel sick now, every so often, when it pops into my mind. It’s not like the stupid things you say and do, which make you laugh in momentary embarrassment when you think about then later. It’s a burn of shame and anger and pain and angst that refuses to abate, and I remember how cowardly I was, not standing up to say that I didn’t like it, that it wasn’t funny. I hate myself, when I do.

It began with the boy I deluded myself into believing was misunderstood and nice underneath; with the seniors who passed it down to my classmates, my friends; with the people who didn’t come and tell me that it was happening, until one did a year later, a year too late. With everyone who thought it was okay to just throw a person’s name around, to give them cruel nicknames and laugh about them and spread them. And there I was, laughing, telling them all that it was okay to do so with every smile, every roll of my eyes.

Pubic hair girl.

I cried. I never told, but I cried.

10 thoughts on “Pubic Hair Girl

  1. Flatbush Jack

    ” A lion doesn’t concern itself with opinions of a sheep”. You are going to be branded like that in any society. We see something wonderful in others, and sometimes jealousy gets the better of us. The point is that you are unbreakable and resolute , just like the lion

  2. k

    Let me first tell you that I feel so so awful about this. Even more so, because I know you, and I’ve used this too.
    I feel like such an inconsiderate asshole, someone whose lack of regard for another individual led him to choose to look away from the implications of the utter shit he said. I’m so deeply, deeply sorry.

    There are some things that are said in good jest, and there are some things that are said to make one’s own self feel stronger. This was a collective form of the latter- and I only realise it in its fullness right now. And there is absolutely no reason for this to happen.

    Something of such gross disregard, it often finds itself being reflective of the other person’s insecurities- insecurities that lie deep within. Take this from someone who’s also experienced some kind of attempted violation on a number of occasions. You are a person in your own right. You must remember that.

    It takes great courage to write about something like this, and I will never be able to articulate how glad I am that you actually shared this. Because it made me realise that I owe you an apology. I am so very sorry that I was a part of this. I feel sick of myself and my fellow schoolmates for having ascribed such a horrible image to such a beautiful person.

    All you have at the end of the day is your own perception of yourself. You will never be able to truly discern what people think of you, and what plays itself into that thought process and eventual view. This is something that I myself have had to come to terms with in my own way, and, consequently, though I will never be able to truly empathise with you about this, I know for a fact that you must see yourself for yourself sometimes. And I’m pretty sure, more often that not, you will be pretty fucking impressed when you see that picture in its true entirety.

    From the name I’ve put here I’m pretty sure you’d be able to tell who I am, but tell me if you don’t, and I shall let you know.

    Believe in yourself and that image of yourself that you create for yourself. With twenty odd years of you having been with yourself, you’d have a pretty good picture by this point.

    Much love.

    • Wow.
      So when I was writing this, I realised that I’m not really angry anymore, except at the person who started it, and that I didn’t really require an apology from anyone else. Even so, I’m truly touched by your comment, and by the fact that you admitted to who you are, and that you were a part of the throng. So, you know, that actually makes it easier for me to say that it’s okay, and that I forgive you, because how can I not? I never really knew you in school, either, and I had a few ideas as to how you were, and I think it’s kind of awesome that all of them have been challenged and changed today. So… yeah.
      Cheers, KD 🙂

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